Climate change is 'turbocharging' the growth of trees in cities - and it could help reduce storm water flooding

(REPOST: Daily Mail)Researchers analyzed tree rings in ten cities around the world, and discovered that urban and rural trees have undergone accelerated growth since the 1960s - and say climate...

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Renault’s Cumulative EV Sales Now 120,000, As New Kangoo Z.E. 33 kWh Surges

(REPOST: Inside EVs)Through the end of October, cumulative sales of electric cars from Renault (since 2011) have crossed 120,000 units (excluding the LSV Twizy). October was another month of...

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Eelpower commissions first 10MWh battery on path to ‘battery energy storage utility’

(REPOST: Clean Energy News)Eelpower has commissioned a 10MW battery storage project, backed with both frequency response and capacity market contracts, in the first of a new pipeline of projects...

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(REPOST: CityAM)The National Grid said this summer was the greenest ever, offshore wind became cheaper than new nuclear and the country’s first subsidy-free solar farm opened.

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VW to invest in Chinese EV production as it looks to meet quota regulations

Nov 30, 2017 Repost

(REPOST:Autovista Group)Volkswagen (VW) is to spend around €10 billion by 2025 to develop and manufacture electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid cars in China, as it looks to comply with...

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Butterfly wings inspire solar cell efficiency

(REPOST: The Engineer)Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have been working on improving the efficiency of thin-film solar cells, a technology which is promising for...

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VW Puts I.D. Buzz Electric Concept into Production

(REPOST: Stone Mountain Volkswagen)There has been a lot of talk in the industry about electric cars but there have not been very many brought to market. Volkswagen is about to add one more to the...

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