Aston Martin's First-Ever All-Electric Car

(Repost: Architectural Digest)Aston Martin has been producing luxurious and sporting vehicles in a distinctly British idiom for over 100 years. Today, it unveiled a linchpin in its plans for the...

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UK battery storage deployment held back by government policy, claim politicians

(Repost: Energy Storage News)Government policy and regulation offer the biggest barriers to the deployment of battery energy storage in the UK according to a cross-party group of MPs focussed on...

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Renault Energy Services Launched For Smart Grid & ESS Services

(Repost: InsideEVs)The French group intends to use the new company to better focus its activities on energy storage (using second-life batteries from EVs), vehicle to grid interaction and the...

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Tesla Turns On World’s Largest Battery In Australia

(REPOST: InsideEVs)Tesla officially delivered the world’s largest battery energy storage system of 100 MW/129 MWh in South Australia within the deadline of 100 days (since signing the deal) after...

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How To Charge Your Electric Vehicle (And Other Devices) When The Grid Is Down

(REPOST: Forbes)The aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico has shown the devastating potential consequences of not having electricity for an extended period of time.

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In the Year 2020 We Should All Be Driving EVs

(REPOST: Automobile)Maybe it’s because it’s a nice round number. Or because it’s the dawn of a new decade. Or the time of the next summer Olympics. Heck, maybe everyone just threw a dart at a...

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