Map of Central Milton Keynes Electric Vehicle Charge Points

When you think of Milton Keynes most people think about the roundabouts and concrete cows, but with the UK’s first Electric Vehicle Experience Centre and its bid to become a Go Ultra Low City,...

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Fleets can transition easily to zero emissions with new LeasePlan pilot program

(REPOST: Autovista Group)As the world looks towards a cleaner future, fleets will have to move away from traditional combustion engines and instead invest in new technologies. The pilot program...

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8 Reasons You May Be Driving An Electric Car In The Near Future

(REPOST: Myzi)Are electric cars only for the rich? The environmentally conscious? Early tech adopters? Are they something we just watch clips about on Youtube and read articles about on Yahoo News?

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Renault reveals autonomous obstacle avoidance technology

(REPOST: AUTOCAR)Renault has revealed technology that enables self-driving cars to swerve to avoid obstacles in the road ahead - an industry first, the company claims. 

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bright idea How you can plug into a streetlight to charge your electric car

(REPOST: The Sun)Electric cars drivers can now plug into streetlights for extra juice.

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Tracking The Demise Of The Internal Combustion Engine

(REPOST: Inside EVs)Time is limited for the good ol’ internal combustion engine. With government officials and automakers encouraging propulsion alternatives, gas-powered engines may soon be just...

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Promoted: Renault Zoe – The Charge To Paris

(REPOST: AutoCar)The new Renault Zoe is an all-electric car with a no-compromise approach. With room inside for four and plenty of space for luggage, it’s as practical as any hatchback and has a...

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