Audi testing its own Smart Energy Network home battery system

(REPOST: Slash Gear)Tesla may have made waves with its Tesla Energy home batteries, but more luxury car makers are looking to do something similar as they make the jump to all-electric vehicles....

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Mainstream media on electric cars: more thoughtful on their growth

(REPOST: Green Car Reports)Seven years after the first Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt were delivered to their buyers in December 2010, misconceptions and misinformation abound.

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Tesla helps Kiwi company with mission of energy freedom

(REPOST: IT Brief)Tesla has been confirmed as the battery provider for Mercury’s scalable national grid connected battery trial.

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‘Digital inertia’: Energy storage can stabilise grid with 1/10 the capacity of thermal generation

(REPOST:Energy Storage News)Operators in places as diverse as Ireland, Puerto Rico and Australia frequently rely on inertial response from thermal power plants like coal or gas-fired generators to...

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Chargemaster to tap into electric car boom with £170m float

(REPOST:SkyNews)Britain's biggest provider of infrastructure to the electric vehicle market is plotting a £170m bid to charge on to the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

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The future of clean drinking water is hybrid renewable energy

(REPOST: Gulf News)The demands for clean water have never been as pressing as they are today. Approximately 2.1 billion people around the globe do not have access to clean drinking water and that...

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Nissan announces new Leaf prices

(REPOST: eurekar)THE next generation of the Nissan Leaf electric car will be priced from £21,990 when it arrives in February.

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