PowerBanx Smartphone Monitoring: Setting Up The SolarMAN App

One part of the SolarMAN suite of software that can be used to monitor the PowerBanx home battery system is the SolarMAN smartphone app. It allows the PowerBanx owner to monitor their solar generation, power usage and battery charging status while away from home (and even while moving around in the home).


The app is available for iOS and Android as follows:


Here I'll describe the process of setting it up with a new PowerBanx, then in a later post go through some of the features it provides.


SolarMAN App Setup

The day of the PowerBanx installation is the best time to set up the SolarMAN app to ensure it's working correctly. Each PowerBanx includes an inverter which has a unique serial number; it also contains a SolarMAN WiFi circuit which has a unique serial number - it's this latter number that is required for setup. It is a 10 digit number (beginning '080') and can be found on the side of the inverter and on the box the inverter came in.


The simplest process for setup is as follows:

1. Install the SolarMAN app on your smartphone (see links above) and open it:



2. Register for an account with your email address:



3. Add your system ('Plant') to the app - press the '+' button:



4. You have an installer so press the button 'I have installer, click to see SOLARMAN ID' (a six digit number beginning with a '2'):



5. Email or telephone this ID number to Fuel Included who will use it to create the plant in SolarMAN Pro (also pass on the SolarMAN WiFi serial number if the installer hasn't already done so). After a short time (an hour or so) your app will start to display the status and details of your PowerBanx system:



Details displayed include the amount of solar electricity you are currently generating, how much is being exported to or imported from the grid, how much is going into the PowerBanx battery (and how much charge it has) and how much power your house is currently using.

Further details on the monitoring capabilities of the SolarMAN app will be covered in a future post.


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