Ban new petrol and diesel cars in 2030, not 2040, says thinktank

Green Alliance says ending UK sales earlier would close climate target gap and halve oil imports

Ministers have been urged to bring forward their 2040 ban on new diesel and petrol car sales by a...

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Nissan Leaf 2018: How does the new model compare with its earliest predecessor?

THE Nissan Leaf is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle. The original model had a lot of desirable features when it launched in 2010 but as the electric car market has expanded over the...

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Diesel ban approved for German cities to cut pollution

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig said the cities of Stuttgart and Duesseldorf could legally ban older, more polluting diesel cars from zones worst affected by pollution.

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Arctic warming: scientists alarmed by 'crazy' temperature rises

Record warmth in the Arctic this month could yet prove to be a freak occurrence, but experts warn the warming event is unprecedented

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Renault opens dedicated EV store to entice drivers to the technology

French vehicle manufacturer Renault has opened its first European store dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs) as the company aims to build its reputation for the technology.

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National Grid plans to install superfast electric car chargers across the UK's network of motorways

The plans would put 90% of drivers within 50 miles of an EV charger that would give cars a boost in just five minutes

The National Grid plans to roll out a network of superfast electric vehicle...

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Green light for hundreds of new electric car charging points

Councillors have unanimously agreed a radical programme to install more than 700 new charging points on lampposts. The move will boost air quality and turn Wandsworth into a borough where electric...

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PSA Group could end diesel production

PSA Group could be about to end its involvement with diesel and instead focus on electric and hybrid technology, according to reports in France.

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Electric cars: What if you live in a flat?

In the street where I live no one yet owns an electric car - because there are no driveways on which to charge them.

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Nissan Leaf: the electric vehicle to grid tech that can power your home

The new model Nissan Leaf will be the first electric vehicle in Australia that can send power back to a home battery using vehicle to grid technology.

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