Autonomous BMW i3 Video Walkaround

A quick walkaround video of an autonomous BMW i3 electric car I spotted at the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle show 2017 at Millbrook. The autonomous tech is from Oxford Technical Solutions.

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CENEX LCV 2017 Show - Part 4

Having covered the bigger electric vehicles, autonomous EVs and charge points, now on to a rundown of the many electric cars on show.

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Pioneer Spirit: 120 Miles by Electric Car

On Wednesday we had to travel to Birmingham for the Challenge Cup event. We left Northampton in my BMW i3 at about 11am. We went cross country and via the A14 to avoid the M1 roadworks.

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CENEX LCV 2017 Show - Part 3

A big topic at the Low Carbon Vehicle event was charging infrastructure, naturally enough. There were many charge point companies represented there some of which, I confess, I'd never heard of...

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CENEX LCV 2017 Show - Part 2

There was a lot to see at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Show - I covered some of the displays before, particularly the larger vehicles shown outside. Here I'll cover some more starting with...

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A Reward Scheme With a Difference

At Fuel Included, we are passionate about helping our customers adopt electric cars and other green technologies.

Well, at Fuel Included, we have a big vision , and we like to do things a little...
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Business Capital Allowance Benefits of Electric Cars

There are lots of financial and other benefits available for electric cars as we've previously described. One interesting one that is only available to businesses is the Enhanced Capital Allowance...

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