Government funding to help electric vehicles power homes and businesses

(REPOST:)The Government has announced £30 million funding for new vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies to help unlock the potential for electric vehicles (EVs) to deliver electricity back to the...

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Electric cars are back on the fast track

(REPOST: ABB)For car enthusiasts who eagerly await the latest performance figures from the automotive press, the number 2.27 was a revelation. That was the number of seconds it took to complete...

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Oil firms charging up for electric vehicles

(REPOST: Petroleum Economist)Two of the main European players have taken their first steps into the market and can be expected to beef up their offerings in future, as can petrol station operators...

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The Majority of BMW Customers That Went Hybrid or Electric Won't Return to Gas Only

(REPOST: TopSpeed)Although BMW built its reputation on offering sporty, luxurious gas-burners and diesels, the future involves bigger batteries and electric motors.

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'Game changing' electric car chargers return power to grid

(REPOST: SkyNews)Electric car chargers that are able to return power back to the grid network are being trialled by Newcastle University.

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Central London’s largest lamp post electric vehicle charging network almost complete

(REPOST: Clean Energy News)The Council is installing 57 lamp post charging points in total across the borough, allowing motorists to plug their electric vehicle directly into chargers installed in...

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Government announces Nissan-led £9.8m vehicle-to-grid project

(REPOST: Car Dealer Magazine)Richard Harrington, minister of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, announced the funding for the large-scale V2G demonstrator project.

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BP to install charging points for electric cars at UK petrol stations

(REPOST: The Guardian)BP will add rapid charging points for electric cars at its UK petrol stations within the next two months, in the latest sign of an oil giant adapting to the dramatic growth...

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