Renault Electric Cars Arrive In Australia

Renault introduced its two flagship electric cars – ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. – in Australia where EV offerings have been rather scant and manufacturers were complaining about the lack of incentives.

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Gulf forecourts get rapid chargers

Certas Energy is deploying rapid chargers on Gulf forecourts across the UK.

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Drivers first: The UK’s big look at vehicle-to-grid

It’s no secret that EV ownership is reaching a tipping point in Britain.

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German cities can ban older diesel cars immediately

Hamburg will start enforcing new rules by the end of the month

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Driving Change – How the UK is ready and waiting for the electric future of transport

Of all the technologies contributing to the ongoing low carbon transition of the UK, it is arguably the electrification of the UK’s cars that holds the most attention.Where the public generally...

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Electric vehicles reduce stress for drivers, says new brain monitoring study

Electric vehicles already have several advantages over gas-powered cars.

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Electric Vehicles Reduce Toxic Air Pollution — Pollution That Hurts & Kills Humans

Critics of electric vehicles sometimes try to dismiss them as being only for “tree huggers,” but such commenters seem to be overlooking some critically important facts.

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New Nissan Leaf wins ‘Best Electric Car’ award in Annual Dieselcar and Ecocar Awards

The new 2018 Nissan LEAF has been named ‘Best Electric Car’ in the annual DieselCar and EcoCar awards, a celebration of the most capable new cars on sale today.

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Renault Zoe long-term test review

The Zoe is one of our favourite electric cars – with its improved range, is range anxiety now a thing of the past?

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Electric Cars Are Creating a New Kind of Car Enthusiast

The car enthusiast is constantly evolving. Every new automotive era brings with it new tastes, new trends and new ways to just have a good time with a few wheels and an engine. But there's one...

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