Paris Will Ban All Gas Cars By 2030, Diesel By 2024

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Paris has committed to end all internal combustion engine-powered vehicle sales by 2030, the local authorities have revealed, in aim to become a carbon-neutral city by 2050....

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Call for stricter CO2 emission proposals as EU looks to post-2020 regulations

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Officials are expected to introduce new standards for emissions for beyond 2020, when current guidelines run out. Any new proposals will be made in order to help the...

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"Death of the internal combustion engine" is now a thing

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The very first working four-cycle internal-combustion engine was invented by Niklaus Otto in 1876, and in due course it changed the world.

A quarter of a century later,...

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Stop talking right now about the threat of climate change. It’s here; it’s happening

For the sake of keeping things manageable, let’s confine the discussion to a single continent and a single week: North America over the last seven days.

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Renewable energy is expensive – fact or fiction?

Paying a premium for renewable electricity is a thing of the past. Choose a cheaper renewable energy tariff and you can reassure yourself you’re going green without being out of pocket.

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'Slowing It Down Matters': What Harvey and Irma Tell Us About Climate Change

I wrote my first feature for Rolling Stone, about the already observable impacts of global warming, back in 2004. The piece, "Diary of a Dying Planet," leads with a heatwave that killed tens of...

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A lesson from Hurricane Irma: capitalism can’t save the planet – it can only destroy it

There was “a flaw” in the theory: this is the famous admission by Alan Greenspan, the former chair of the Federal Reserve, to a congressional inquiry into the 2008 financial crisis. His belief...

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Global shockwaves from electric cars will be here sooner rather than later

When Jaguar Land Rover followed in the tracks of Volvo last week with its shift to an electric-powered future, the car maker didn’t just talk about hybrids and batteries.
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Dieselgate scandal roots revealed as industry in spotlight for German election

Dieselgate scandal roots revealed as industry in spotlight for German election | Autovista Group

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