Climate change 'will push European cities towards breaking point'

(REPOST: The Guardian)Major British towns and cities, including Glasgow, Wrexham, Aberdeen and Chester, could be much more severely affected by climate change than previously thought, according to...

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Electricity is core to our lives, but Are We Looking After it?

Interesting Radio 4 analysisof the importance of electricity in our lives and the ways in which its generation and distribution is becoming a defining issue of our times.

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what do you do when the lights go out?

One great side-benefit of home battery storage is having an emergency power supply.

We asked what was important to you when the lights go out in a power cut. Thanks for the enthusiastic response. ...

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Effects of battery manufacturing on electric vehicle life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions

(REPOST: icct)This briefing reviews recent research regarding greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. We analyze this research in the...

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We are often asked how big a home battery should be to get the best value for money.

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OFGEM say we can have our battery storage cake and eat it

If you are considering adding battery storage to your existing FIT accredited solar PV system, this blog is for you.

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To help local firms, India may deal another blow to its struggling solar sector

(REPOST: Quartz Media)The Narendra Modi government is expected to impose an anti-dumping duty (ADD) on imported solar panels in order to boost sales of locally made ones. This is bound to increase...

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