Delphi eyes self-driving edge with NuTonomy

(REPOST: Automotive News)Delphi's announcement last week that it will acquire software startup NuTonomy will give the U.S. supplier three advantages in the race to deploy self-driving vehicles.

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Thousands of UK drivers flouting law by having diesel particulate filters removed

(REPOST: Autovista Group)

Since 2014, the country’s MOT laws have stated that in order for a vehicle to achieve a pass, it must have a DPF in place, should one have been fitted as standard. The...

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Hyundai and Kia are launching new electric SUVs in 2018, here’s what you need to know

(REPOST: Express)Hyundai and Kia are launching electrified versions of some of their SUVs models next year.

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New battery farm will power production and grid at BMW Leipzig plant

(REPOST: Autovista Group)

BMW has commissioned a battery storage farm on the grounds of its plant in Leipzig, where second-life electric vehicle (EV) batteries can feed electricity grids through...

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Major Milestone: BMW i3 #100,000 Rolls Off Assembly Line

(REPOST: Inside EVs)

BMW has just reached the ‘coming of age’ milestone of producing it 100,000th i3 from the company’s assembly facility in Leipzig, Germany. The i3 has been produced there since...

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Express Lane: DC Fast Charging Will Soon Skip a Time-Consuming Step

(REPOST: Car and Driver)

Commercial fast-charging systems are starting to look less like laboratory experiments and more like, well, like what Tesla has been offering for a few years with its...

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How innovative technology will change the way we drive forever.

(REPOST: FleetNews)


The all-new Nissan Leaf benefits from a complete redesign, featuring longer range and new technology - bringing zero-emission motoring into the mainstream.Nissan is...

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"Death of the internal combustion engine" is now a thing

REPOST: Green Car Reports)

The very first working four-cycle internal-combustion engine was invented by Niklaus Otto in 1876, and in due course it changed the world.

A quarter of a century later,...

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Why Future Cars Will Only Have One Pedal

(REPOST: Huffington Post)

When the new Nissan LEAF first hit the roads back in 2010, it took electric vehicles from a niche interest into a mainstream reality, going on to become the world’s...

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Electric car owners 'can drive for free by letting energy firms use battery'

(REPOST: The Guardian)

Electric car owners will be paid for letting an energy company use their vehicle’s battery in a pioneering scheme to increase take-up of the cleaner vehicles and help power...

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