Salisbury solar battery trial in South Australia saved money & energy for customers

(REPOST: Energy Matters)The aim of the trial was to see if battery storage could save customers money, and protect them from blackouts. Most customers achieved the predicted savings of more than...

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Effects of battery manufacturing on electric vehicle life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions

(REPOST: icct)This briefing reviews recent research regarding greenhouse gas emissions from the manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. We analyze this research in the...

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Clean Energy Regulator: small-scale solar+storage installation rate doubled in 2017

(REPOST: PV Magazine)Reports from Australia’s PV installers are that interest in battery storage is surging. Hype about brands like Tesla, worries over grid security, and the increasing...

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Driving an electric car could save you £800 a year, here’s why

(REPOST: Express)Electric cars are becoming increasingly more popular in the UK. Registrations of new alternatively fuelled cars which includes hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and fuel cell EVs...

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Solar + Tesla battery storage offered as sweetener for “knockdown rebuild” homes

(REPOST: One Step Off The Grid)In a deal announced last week with solar retailer Bradford Energy, Porter Davis said it would include a 5.6kW rooftop solar system coupled with a 13.5kWh Tesla...

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107bhp Renault Zoe R110 due for reveal at Geneva motor show

(REPOST:Autocar)Renault will launch a new version of its Zoe electric hatchback with 107bhp at the Geneva motor show this March.

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Renewables, Energy Storage, Electric Cars Will Likely Grow Strongly In 2018 As Oil Prices Rebound

(REPOST: Forbes)BNEF chief editor Angus McCrone writes that the falling costs in lithium-ion batteries, solar and wind energy that 2017 saw will continue in 2018 thanks to economies of scale and...

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Daimler expects to bail out suppliers over EV development

(REPOST:Autovista Group)As carmakers face intense scrutiny over their diesel vehicles, following the Dieselgate scandal of 2015 and a number of national governments looking to encourage drivers to...

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Order to solicit batteries in California shows ‘energy storage is effective capacity resource’

(REPOST: Energy Storage News)On 11 January, the state regulator, the California Public Utilities’ Commission (CPUC) issued Resolution E-4909, which authorised Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), one of...

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Porsche doubles EV investment as Polestar considers production expansion

(REPOST:Autovista Group)The company is pressing ahead with its Mission E concept vehicle, and will increase its expenditure on electromobility to €6 billion by 2022, up from its original €3...

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