Operating Your PowerBanx Home Battery

The PowerBanx is a powerful system, able to run your home without using grid electricity, essentially giving you electricity for free.

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PowerBanx Home Battery Settings

Once your PowerBanx home battery is installed you can choose to 'fit and forget', i.e. don't touch it again. It will sit there in the background automatically charging when electricity is cheap...

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Introducing Night-time Solar Charging for Electric Vehicles

As we transition away from polluting fossil-fuelled vehicles to electric vehicles it is common for owners to think about the source of the electricity they use for charging.

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PowerBanx Smartphone Monitoring: Setting Up The SolarMAN App

One part of the SolarMAN suite of software that can be used to monitor the PowerBanx home battery system is the SolarMAN smartphone app. It allows the PowerBanx owner to monitor their solar...

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PowerBanx Solar and Battery Monitoring Software: SolarMAN

SolarMAN Introduction

The software used to monitor your PowerBanx home battery is known as SolarMAN (where the MAN stands for 'Monitored, Analyzed, Networked'). However, as well as the battery it...

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What You Get with a PowerBanx Home Battery From Fuel Included

PowerBanx™ Home Battery

The PowerBanx™ Home Battery is filled by free solar or half-price Economy 7 electricity and powers your home so you don't have to pay for full price electricity again. It...

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PowerBanx Home Battery Installation

I recently showed before and after photos of the PowerBanx installation in the cloakroom in our home in Northampton. Here I'd like to describe the install process in more detail so people know...

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What happens when the grid runs out?

Did you know you can go online and see the energy consumption for the whole of the UK in real-time?.

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PowerBanx Home Battery Installed - Before and After

After some weeks of anticipation our PowerBanx home battery storage system has been installed and is now up and running. I plan to do lots of blogging about it, but to kick things off I'm just...

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New Slimline Battery Enclosures

In response to customer requests, we have procured a new slimline enclosure in light grey that can hold all your batteries in style. This is only 45 cm deep, and comes in the light grey pictured,...

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