Local authorities now ‘leading the way’ in UK solar

Ongoing frustration with national solar policy has allowed local authorities and regional government to take the lead in UK solar deployment, the Solar Trade Association (STA) has said in a new...

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PowerBanx: Living Without an Electricity Bill - Days 6 and 7 - First Week Summary

This is about Days 6 and 7 of owning a PowerBanx home battery, and a summary of the result of a week running our house with one. On Day 1 I explained how It charges up from our solar panels during...

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Renewables Are Closing In On Fossil Fuels

Coal has been getting the squeeze for years now, but the plunging cost of renewable energy is already starting to give natural gas a run for its money. The implications for the incumbent fossil...

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Council turns to solar to tackle fuel poverty for 500 households

North Ayrshire Council has approved a plan to install rooftop solar on up to 500 properties in its housing stock to save residents up to £115 within the first year.

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Renewables sets new generation record as low carbon power takes 50% share

Government data has revealed that the UK’s ever-expanding renewables fleet set a new generation record last year, providing more evidence – if any were needed – that the country’s energy...

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Tesla Solar Roof installations appearing in the wild

One installation in Silicon Valley included a 13.5kWh PowerWall and cost ‘mid-$50k’ after accounting for the 30% tax credit.

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Climate change could force more than 140 million people from their homes by 2050

Millions of people in the developing world will be forced from their homes by climate change in the coming decades, according to a major new report produced by the World Bank.

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Statoil latest major to shun ‘oil’ in favour of new Equinor identity

Statoil has announced it is to rebrand itself as Equinor as the Norwegian energy giant looks to ditch connotations with fossil fuels.

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At this rate, it’s going to take nearly 400 years to transform the energy system

Here are the real reasons we’re not building clean energy anywhere near fast enough.

Fifteen years ago, Ken Caldeira, a senior scientist at the Carnegie Institution, calculated that the world...

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