Electricity is core to our lives, but Are We Looking After it?

Interesting Radio 4 analysisof the importance of electricity in our lives and the ways in which its generation and distribution is becoming a defining issue of our times.

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UK battery storage to enjoy ‘explosive growth’ to 2022

(REPOST: Energy Storage)Over 9,000MWh of battery energy storage could be deployed in Britain over the next five years as the sector enjoys a trend towards “explosive growth”, a market analyst has...

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From plug-in cars to plug-in homes – EV batteries get a second life

(REPOST: Automotive World)In a world where recyclability has become a necessity, it seems counterintuitive to simply discard something that could still hold a significant amount of energy. The...

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Energy storage being stalled by slow policy development claim MPs

(REPOST: Clean Energy)Speaking at last week’s Energy Storage and Connected Systems event, hosted by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), shadow minister for energy and climate change Alan...

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Nissan coy over energy future as it aims for new partnerships

(REPOST: Clean Energy)Speaking to Clean Energy News, Francisco Carranza Sierra, managing director at Nissan Energy, said the solar launch fed into the firm’s vision of developing a “sustainable...

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Tesla confirms 50,000 home virtual power plant is on the way in South Australia

(REPOST: Energy Storage)Virtual power plants (VPP) take the capabilities of several home or commercial solar-plus-storage systems and aggregate them together to form a bigger grid or capacity...

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(REPOST: Cyber Shack)Before you make such an investment you undertake a massive research initiative to ensure that you are investing your money correctly by installing such a system. However,...

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what do you do when the lights go out?

One great side-benefit of home battery storage is having an emergency power supply.

We asked what was important to you when the lights go out in a power cut. Thanks for the enthusiastic response. ...

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The Energy Revolution Of 2018: Electricity Storage

(REPOST: Forbes)In 2017, utility-scale energy storage moved from a handful of experimental programs to front-page news, with prominent deployments in Australia, Texas, Southern California, and...

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