Samsung is going to recycle old smartphone batteries to power electric vehicles

Battery supplier Samsung SDI has announced it will recycle cobalt from used smartphone batteries as a way to secure supplies of the metal.

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Introducing Night-time Solar Charging for Electric Vehicles

As we transition away from polluting fossil-fuelled vehicles to electric vehicles it is common for owners to think about the source of the electricity they use for charging.

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A Powerful Mix of Solar and Batteries Is Beating Natural Gas

  • Renewable energy developers pairing with storage to beat gas
  • NextEra’s Florida utility just added storage to solar farm

Natural gas is getting edged out of power markets across the U.S....

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The 4 Main Applications for Battery Storage

There are three primary benefits of energy storage:

  • Access to lower priced electricity
  • Retention of surplus self generated electricity 
  • Emergency power supply

However, this can look many...

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Consortium finds viable business case for community energy storage

[repost] Small-scale, grid-connected energy storage solutions – or “community batteries” – can have a viable business case, supporting the ongoing growth of decentralised energy generation...

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A Better FiT - Two years on from UK Solar’s ground zero

[Repost] 8 February 2016 is a date reviled by the UK’s domestic solar industry. On that day a revised version of the small-scale feed-in tariff came into effect. It’s a date that will be firmly...

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Government quietly shelves plans for Solar FIT review

Repost from February: Currently there appear to be no plans to keep the solar feed-in-tariff going after it ends in April next year.

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PowerBanx Smartphone Monitoring: Setting Up The SolarMAN App

One part of the SolarMAN suite of software that can be used to monitor the PowerBanx home battery system is the SolarMAN smartphone app. It allows the PowerBanx owner to monitor their solar...

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Nissan backing big brand and supply chain know-how to crack UK solar

(REPOST: Solar Power Portal)Last month the car manufacturer announced the launch of Nissan Energy Solar, adding small-scale solar PV to its suite of energy products.

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