PowerBanx Solar and Battery Monitoring Software: SolarMAN

SolarMAN Introduction

The software used to monitor your PowerBanx home battery is known as SolarMAN (where the MAN stands for 'Monitored, Analyzed, Networked'). However, as well as the battery it...

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What You Get with a PowerBanx Home Battery From Fuel Included

PowerBanx™ Home Battery

The PowerBanx™ Home Battery is filled by free solar or half-price Economy 7 electricity and powers your home so you don't have to pay for full price electricity again. It...

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PowerBanx Home Battery Installation

I recently showed before and after photos of the PowerBanx installation in the cloakroom in our home in Northampton. Here I'd like to describe the install process in more detail so people know...

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How much longer can government ignore its advice on solar?

(REPOST: Solar Power Portal)We’ve all been there. Ignored warnings about traffic and found yourself staring at tail lights for hours on end? A backseat passenger uttering ‘I told you so’ is not...

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BEIS’ ministerial merry-go-round must grind to a stop

(REPOST: Solar Power Portal)And so, as the country continues to wait for the formation of a government and a Queen’s speech, signs of life start to emerge in Whitehall. The Westminster wheels are...

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Feed in Tariffs to end in 2019 – what’s next?

(REPOST: Brighton Energy Cooperative)The UK Treasury quietly released a document late last year which signalled the end of the UK’s popular renewable energy scheme, the Feed in Tariff (FIT). Late...

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What happens when the grid runs out?

Did you know you can go online and see the energy consumption for the whole of the UK in real-time?.

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Energy Storage Markets Forecast To Double With Falling Prices And Favorable Policies

(REPOST: Forbes)Energy Storage Markets Forecast To Double With Falling Prices And Favorable Policies.

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UK’s largest battery project to move ahead in Swindon

(REPOST: The Telegraph)Swindon Borough Council’s battery will have capacity of 50MWh, the largest that a power project approved by local authorities can be.

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