Surging solar could send inflexible generators off the grid this summer

Surging solar generation this summer could send legacy, inflexible generators off the grid as National Grid expects yet another period of supply and demand travails.

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The need to adapt in the energy storage era

The traditional automotive industry had been reluctant to embrace the electricity revolution. But Porsche’s recent announcement that it would be doubling its investment in electric vehicles (EVs)...

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How utilities can combine cryptocurrency and renewable energy

SolarCoin is a cryptocurrency created in 2014 to encourage solar energy generation for commercial solar producers and individuals with solar panels installed.

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PowerBanx: Living Without an Electricity Bill - Day 2

My attempt to live without paying for electricity using a PowerBanx home battery worked well on Day 1 so I was optimistic going into Day 2. As we have seen, the day started with the battery still...

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Renewables Are Closing In On Fossil Fuels

Coal has been getting the squeeze for years now, but the plunging cost of renewable energy is already starting to give natural gas a run for its money. The implications for the incumbent fossil...

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Power Shift: Anything Coal And Gas Can Do, Renewables And Energy Storage Can Do Cheaper

Spectacular falls in the cost of wind, solar and battery technology mean that clean energy is increasingly pushing coal and gas out of the world’s electricity generation mix in a “chilling”...

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PowerBanx: Living Without an Electricity Bill - Day 1

I have had a PowerBanx home battery installed as I got fed up with paying for electricity, particularly as prices keep going up.

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Cross-sector electric vehicle project targets energy-neutral office buildings

Companies from the energy, transport and technology sectors have joined forces to explore how electric vehicles (EVs) can facilitate energy storage solutions that link up to onsite renewable...

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Big Auto and Motorcycle Companies Have Finally Accepted EVs are the Future

With almost all of the major car manufacturers (and Harley Davidson) announcing that they are investing in new EV development, the future of transportation has officially been claimed by electric...

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