Solar and Battery Survey Request

What we do

We will come to your home and check your electrical system, your roof (inside and out), property access, and survey for sun and shade to measure exactly how your system will operate. See our Blog here about why a survey matters.


Shade Survey Tool to Measure Shade Effects on Solar Installations

Why we charge a fee

We charge a £100 fee for the survey which is fully refundable against the cost of your installed system. 

A survey is expensive for us in time and travel. One of our skilled surveyors will come to visit you and take all measurements and plans required to ensure that your home is suitable for a Solar and/or battery installation.

After the survey you will receive your own copy of the survey and an updated quote will be issued that is a fixed price install cost. The £100 survey fee is taken off this final quote.

Order your survey here

Please fill in your details below. When you submit the form you will be redirected to the goCardless payment page which allows you to make your payment by direct debit. This minimises fees and gives you the full consumer protection of the direct debit system.

Once this is completed, one of our agents will contact you to arrange a time and date to suit you.