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* These systems should only be installed by a qualified electrician. An installation will require some other components such as isolators and cabling. Your local DNO may need to be informed of any installation.


Pylontech USB2000 Plus (2.4 kWh battery)

£760 + VAT

The PylonTech US2000B plus is a reliable, intelligent 2.4 kWh battery ideally suited to a modular home system. 

Comes with a 10 year warranty (once registered online).


Sofar ME3000SP Inverter

£619 + VAT

The Sofar gives a 3000W output and supports the modular Pylontech battery. This means that you can start with a single battery system and simply plug in additional batteries as required. The Sofar will support up to 8 batteries (giving a maximum capacity of 19.2 kWh).


Selection of Enclosures to Suit your Needs

From £129 + VAT

  • £129 + VAT to hold up to 3 Pylontech batteries (600 W x 500 H x 600 D, glass door)
  • £149 + VAT to hold up to 6 Pylontech batteries (600 W x 770 H x 450 D, metal door)
  • £169 + VAT to hold up to 8 Pylontech batteries (600 W x 1150 H x 600 D, glass door)

Clips - the Alternative to Enclosures

£39 +VAT per pair

You only need these if you are not buying an enclosure
  • One pair per battery
  • Suitable for 1 or 2 batteries standing or hanging vertically
  • Suitable for up to 4 batteries in a stack

Battery Rails

£12 + VAT per pair

For each battery in an enclosure, you need 1 pair of rails.



Guideline delivery prices - we keep them low

  • £30 + VAT per enclosure
  • £65 + VAT per pallet (1 or more heavy items: inverter or batteries)

Normally no charge for clips or rails as add-on items to main delivery. Minimum order value £100.