Residential Energy Storage Surging, No Longer Just a ‘Cool Toy’

Demand for residential energy-storage is surging in the U.S., with more capacity installed in the second quarter than in all of 2017.Consumers installed home batteries with 57.5 megawatt-hours of...

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UK renewables sector facing significant job losses, business closures at hands of policy proposals

The UK’s domestic renewables sector faces significant job losses, business closures and collapses in deployment should the government persevere with policy proposals as planned.Those are the...

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How Much Solar Power Could My Roof Generate?

Many people want to know how much free electricity and income their home roof could generate if fitted with solar panels - if that includes you, then you've come to the right place.

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Solar lobby rallies behind industry as pivotal consultation deadlines loom

The solar industry has today issued a rallying call to preserve export tariff payments from next April ahead of looming consultation deadlines.A call for evidence on future regulatory frameworks...

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Amazon to install Tesla battery alongside 4MWp solar array in latest UK plans

Amazon has submitted plans for a 4MW rooftop solar array to be deployed on its Tilbury fulfilment centre alongside a 3.77MW Tesla battery facility to help power the site, Solar Power Portal can...

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US has gone past 1GWh of installed battery capacity, with help from utilities

US utilities deployed more than 520MWh of energy storage on their networks in 2017, bringing the country’s cumulative installed capacity of grid-connected energy storage systems to over 1GWh,...

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As Storms Bear Down, More Homeowners Look to Batteries – Not Generators – for Backup Power

Homeowners across the U.S. are buying batteries to store excess solar energy faster than factories can make them.

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Farmers to flock to solar and battery storage, as power costs bite

Like households and small businesses, Australian farmers are increasingly turning to renewable energy technologies to cut their power costs and shore up their bottom lines.But a new report from...

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Majority of UK solar installers facing hardship if export tariff is culled

A majority of UK solar installers said they would face hardship if the government presses ahead with plans to close the export tariff, a Solar Power Portal survey has found.And of those surveyed,...

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Retrofitting batteries on existing PV systems

The ending of the UK government’s main renewable energy support scheme in April 2019 might, in most circumstances, be expected to provide a serious blow to the UK’s renewable energy hopes. Except...

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