Will Solar work in a power cut?

The sun is shining and your solar cells are supplying all the power you need, and then your grid connection suffers a power cut. You are laughing right? Wrong! In most cases your solar will switch...

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China Doubled Its Battery Storage Capacity In Just Six Months

China is looking to boost its energy storage market and projects as it adds growing renewable power capacities. At the end of last year, the Chinese authorities issued a unified nationwide policy...

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In California, By 2045, 100% Energy Will Be Clean. What About The Rest Of The World?

By 43 votes to 32, the Assembly of the State of California has approved a measure requiring all energy used in the sunshine state to be from renewable sources by 2045. At present, 44% of energy...

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Germany reaches 100K home battery storage installations

A household just outside Berlin has become the recipient of the 100,000th grid-connected residential battery energy storage system in Germany.Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry...

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Investing in energy storage for resiliency

Power outages pose great risks for corporate bottom lines and many have already suffered the economic brunt of unforeseen weather and grid events in 2018. Traditionally, commercial and industrial...

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Carbon intensity falls below crucial 2030 target threshold on back of high winds

The  carbon intensity of the UK’s power grid fell below the targets set for 2030 over the bank holiday weekend, as high levels of wind generation led the way for low carbon sources to meet...
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British public favours renewable-heavy, decentralised power system

The British public is in favour of a significantly decarbonised, decentralised energy system and wants the government to support the transition to such a system, a new survey has found....

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Sadiq Khan launches second phase of community energy funding as solar push continues

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan has today launched a second round of funding for community energy projects following the success of the first, which funded the initial stages of 11 solar projects set to...

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Home Battery System Prices Set to Rise

The last few years have been good for systems based around Lithium-Ion batteries, particularly electric cars and home battery systems like the PowerBanx, with prices falling consistently...

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The biggest battery manufacturer you've never heard of

At Fuel Included we like safe batteries that offer performance and value for money, and that's why we have bought the BYD B-Box into the fold.

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