2018: A year of stalled progress and unprecedented ambition on climate

In tangible terms, 2018 marked a setback for American efforts to combat climate change.

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Can you go off-grid with solar power?

Living off-grid – that is, living independently of the main grid, big power companies and big power bills – can seem very appealing when you consider ever-increasing electricity costs.There are...

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Tesla activates Powerwall 2 Storm Watch to keep the lights on in upcoming cyclone

Tesla activated the special ‘Storm Watch’ mode of its Powerwall 2 home battery pack to keep the lights on at its customer’s homes with the upcoming cyclone in Australia. Last year, Tesla started...

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first standalone battery energy storage system in Liverpool

Ørsted's first standalone battery energy storage system, Carnegie Road, is now operational.

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Shell says it wants to double green energy investment

Company already committed to spend $1bn-$2bn annually in the next two years on low carbon energy

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The Feed-In-Tariff Rates for the Final Quarter

Anyone thinking about solar power is likely to be aware of the Feed-In-Tariff.

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Solar households expected to give away power to energy firms

The government has said households that install solar panels in the future will be expected to give away unused clean power for free to energy firms earning multimillion-pound profits, provoking...

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Washington, D.C. city council passes 100% renewables mandate

Washington, D.C. city council passed a landmark bill on Tuesday that will see the city mandate a need for all energy on its electric grid to be generated from renewable sources by 2032.As a result...

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Centrica celebrates completion of 49MW battery project in England

Centrica has formally announced the completion of its 49MW Roosecote battery storage project, 18 months after construction started.The energy major said construction of the project, one of...

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CSIRO/AEMO study says wind, solar and storage clearly cheaper than coal

Australia’s leading scientific research group and the country’s energy market operator have released a benchmark study that shows the cost of new wind and solar – even with hours of storage – is...

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