World will approach record-breaking temperatures in 2019, says Met Office

'The forecast for 2019 would place next year amongst the five warmest years on record, which would all have occurred since 2015'

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Santos to convert 56 crude oil pumps to 100% solar and battery storage

Australian oil and gas major Santos has unveiled plans to convert 56 of its remote crude oil beam pumps to 100 per cent solar and battery storage, in the surest and perhaps most ironic sign yet...

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Government confirms export tariff cull

The export tariff will close to new applicants at the same time as the generation tariff, the government has confirmed, despite overwhelming opposition to the plans.The Department for Business,...

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Global Storage Market to Double Six Times by 2030

The global energy storage market will double six times between 2016 and 2030, rising to a total of 125 gigawatts/305 gigawatt-hours.

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UK solar costs plummeting beyond forecasts, as cheap as £40/MWh by 2030

Large-scale solar deployment in the UK is set to re-ignite next year as the technology continues to beat all previous cost estimates and could be as cheap as £40 per megawatt hour by 2030, the...

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UK removes ‘key barrier’ to installation of household battery storage

The government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the United Kingdom has released updated guidance clearing up the confusion surrounding the installation of storage at households...

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Northumbrian Water to pilot battery storage under Argonaut Power deal

Water utility Northumbrian Water is to pilot the use of battery storage units at a number of its sites under a new partnership with developer Argonaut Power.The terms of the agreement will see...

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Ofgem update clarifies deemed export tariff and storage confusion

An updated technical guide to co-locating renewables and battery storage has clarified previously conflicting guidance on the matter, removing barriers and potentially unlocking the “tremendous...

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The value proposition of energy storage without solar

It’s no surprise that within the solar community energy storage is most often discussed in the context of solar+storage. But what about the potential for energy storage where there is no PV system?

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