UK aggregator Kiwi Power completes 4.8MWh battery in South Wales

(REPOST: Energy Storage News)UK demand response and energy resource aggregation company Kiwi Power has unveiled its largest behind the meter battery to date with the completion of the 4MW / 4.8MWh...

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Nissan Leaf 2018 - Review

(REPOST: Eurekar)NISSAN has finally broken the taboo surrounding electric cars, dispelling the myth that they lack road-going performance, are too expensive and have no realistic range.

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Energy Storage Summit: What to expect at the London event

(REPOST: Energy Storage News)Regulators, policymakers, experts, developers, utilities, aggregators and of course, energy storage industry participants will fill out the Victoria Park Plaza in...

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Luxury Automakers Pivot To EVs

(REPOST: Oil announcements this week from Nissan’s Infiniti luxury brand and Volkswagen’s Porsche division tap into a larger story from last year. While global automakers are...

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South Australia marches on with pumped hydro, PV-plus-storage and commercial microgrid projects

(REPOST: Energy Storage News)Energy storage in the state of South Australia has continued its prolific pace of development with the announcement of two new grid-scale projects and a sizeable...

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Ford to boost investment in electric cars by 2022

(REPOST: BBC News)Chairman Bill Ford said the car maker would have 40 hybrid and fully electric vehicles in its range by 2022.

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FERC ruling a ‘significant step’ towards wholesale market participation for energy storage

(REPOST:Energy Storage News)A unanimous vote taken by the US regulator FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) which would allow energy storage and other distributed energy resources to play...

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Big Batteries Are Becoming Much Cheaper

(REPOST: Oil are hot right now. Energy storage was referred to as the Holy Grail of renewables by one industry executive, as it would solve its main problem: intermittency. No...

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