Storage key to clean energy mix, Energy Storage Association says

In a recent blog post, Energy Storage Association (ESA) Vice President of Policy Jason Burwen argued that storage resources can help create a cleaner overall energy mix.

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Three-phase connections for all urges REA

All new housing developments should be fitted with three-phase electricity supply to update them from the single phase norm that has been in place since before World War II, according to a new...

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UK will need more energy storage to cope without gas-fired heating

In order to meet its 2050 climate goals, the nation will have to reduce the amount of natural gas used for heating, however the electricity system will not be able to cope unless thermal storage...

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Our climate plans are in pieces as killer summer shreds records

Deadly fires have scorched swaths of the Northern Hemisphere this summer, from California to Arctic Sweden and down to Greece on the sunny Mediterranean. Drought in Europe has turned verdant land...

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Council ‘proud’ of investment after solar farm delivers higher than expected income

One of the largest solar farms under local authority ownership is proving to have been a successful investment after generating more than £1.3 million of income in its second year.

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GTM Research Predicts More Battery Storage, Lower Prices For Residential Solar

First it was net metering that made rooftop solar systems appealing for home owners. Those solar panels would feed excess electricity back into the grid, generating cash for homeowners. The idea...

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A quick guide to solar panels and home batteries in the UK

Shifting to solar could help homeowners save a wedge on energy bills, and by adding a storage battery they'll be able to benefit from renewables even when it's cloudy

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E.On urges UK government to encourage, not hinder small-scale renewables

E.On has said the government must throw its support behind small-scale renewables as an urgent priority as the industry faces a looming policy cliff edge.The company, which last year announced a...

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Fuel Included Join a Radio Discussion on Home Energy and Electric Cars  with JoJu Solar and RelaxBack UK

I was delighted to be invited by Mike Dilke of Relaxback UK to join him in a radio discussion together with Chris Jardine, the Technical Director at JoJu Solar.

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The Health Risks of Our Sweltering Summers

The health threats of climate change are on full display this summer as communities around the world deal with record-breaking heat. Carbon pollution driving climate change is causing significant...

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