Ion age: why the future will be battery powered

The variable nature of wind and solar power means storing energy is a huge part of the fight to mitigate climate change

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Bristol to launch ‘new wave’ of South West clean energy projects with European funding

Almost £2 million in new European funding is to support the development of a “new wave” of energy projects in the South West.Bristol City Council, in partnership with Devon and Plymouth councils,...

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Solar plus batteries aim to retire natural gas plants in 2019

For years, proponents of natural gas referred to it as a “bridge fuel,” an interim power source on the way to a distant future dominated by renewable energy.

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Solar + Storage Half The Cost Of Gas Peaker Plants

S&P Global reports the cost of solar with battery backup dropped precipitously in 2018.

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A new era or a mountain to climb? BEIS export guarantee receives mixed bag of responses

The government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), its eagerly awaited replacement for the soon-to-close export tariff, has been dubbed both a “new era” for solar and a “mountain to climb” as the...

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UK government floats market-driven replacement for solar payments

The UK's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has unveiled a new ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ to replace the export tariff.The country's feed-in tariff, paid for every kWh...

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Renewable energy set to power district’s electric vehicle charging points

A firm generating electricity from wind farms off the Whitstable and Herne Bay coast will install 12 electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the district after winning a contract from...

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This Uxbridge farmer is ditching diesel for a solar-powered tractor

Small-scale organic farming conjures bucolic images of days spent under blue skies doing honest work and living close to the land.All that, says Uxbridge farmer Tony Neale, is true.

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Hotel to operate on battery power in Edinburgh

An Edinburgh hotel is claimed to be the first in the UK to be powered by battery.The Gyle Premier Inn at Edinburgh Park has installed a five-tonne battery.It will charge from the national grid in...

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2018: A Tipping Point for Climate Change

Did the world wake up to climate change in 2018? Or are we falling deeper into ignorance about the environmental changes happening all around us?The increasingly severe effects of the rise in...

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