New Product Announcement: PowerBanx SX Home Battery System

It is with great pleasure and not a little excitement that we are able to announce a new range of home battery systems to be known as PowerBanx SX. It will be available from November and be...

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Electric Cars Drive Us To A Solar Future

The Rise of Electric Cars

When I ordered my first electric car, a Renault ZOE, in May 2012 it seemed like a step into the great unknown. I started the My Renault ZOE website that summer so owners...

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How Much Solar Power Could My Roof Generate?

Many people want to know how much free electricity and income their home roof could generate if fitted with solar panels - if that includes you, then you've come to the right place.

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Home Battery System Prices Set to Rise

The last few years have been good for systems based around Lithium-Ion batteries, particularly electric cars and home battery systems like the PowerBanx, with prices falling consistently...

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Setting Economy 7 Times on Your Powerbanx Home Battery Storage System

I recently described how a PowerBanx home battery system saves you money: you charge it on a combination of free solar and half-price Economy 7 electricity then use it to run your home when you...

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How Does a Home Battery System Work?

This is a quick introduction to how a home battery system works (or at least, more accurately, how does it save you money). It is based on the operation of our PowerBanx home battery, but the...

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Extra Slimline Battery Enclosure

PowerBanx batteries can be mounted in computer enclosures providing a neat, adaptable and upgradable system at low cost.

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The Transition Trinity: Electric Car, Solar and Home Battery

The Global Energy Transition often seems to be about big infrastructure projects, like offshore windfarms and grid battery storage. However, what's happening at the home level is arguably more...

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How are solar panels fixed to my roof without breaking my tiles?

Will solar panels damage my tiles? Will it make my roof leak? These are some of the questions that come up in conversation. This blog shows the most common way for attaching solar panels and how...

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Free Solar Charging Your Electric Car

Today I've been charging my electric car (a BMW i3) for free using the solar panels on the roof of my house.

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