Map of Central Milton Keynes Electric Vehicle Charge Points

When you think of Milton Keynes most people think about the roundabouts and concreate cows, but with the UK’s first Electric Vehicle Experience Centre and it's bid to become a Go Ultra Low City,...

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bright idea How you can plug into a streetlight to charge your electric car

(REPOST: The Sun)Electric cars drivers can now plug into streetlights for extra juice.

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Express Lane: DC Fast Charging Will Soon Skip a Time-Consuming Step

(REPOST: Car and Driver)

Commercial fast-charging systems are starting to look less like laboratory experiments and more like, well, like what Tesla has been offering for a few years with its...

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Shell to open electric vehicle charging points at UK petrol stations

Shell is opening a first wave of electric vehicle charging points at its UK petrol stations, in a sign of the far-reaching changes under way in the transport and oil sectors.

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Electric vehicles on the charge in Mid Devon as Council teams up with InstaVolt to install rapid chargers

Rapid charging units are set to be installed across Mid Devon as the number of electric vehicle drivers rises across the district.

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Shell Retail Looks to the Future With Car Charging

  • Company wants 20% of fuel margins from non-petroleum vehicles
  • Plans to offer first charging point in the U.K. this month

Royal Dutch Shell Plc wants 20 percent of fuel margins from its retail...

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Home Solar and Battery Storage

We are big fans of energy storage and are continuing with our plans to offer solar and battery storage products to our electric car customers. Yesterday we attended the Solar & Storage Live event...

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CENEX LCV 2017 Show - Part 3

A big topic at the Low Carbon Vehicle event was charging infrastructure, naturally enough. There were many charge point companies represented there some of which, I confess, I'd never heard of...

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