ScottishPower launches ‘game changer’ EV tariff

ScottishPower has become the latest utility to launch an exclusive EV tariff, proposing to slash the cost of charging an electric vehicle.The power firm’s new EV tariff, dubbed SmartPower Green...

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If All Vehicles Go Electric, That’s Just Step One

To address emissions, the electric grid would need to eliminate fossil fuels and the petrochemical industry would need to reverse its explosive growth.

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Green Great Britain Week, but was it really?

In case you missed it, last week was the government’s Green Great Britain Week (GGBW), a self-styled celebration of all the successes the UK’s clean sectors have achieved so far.

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Government must be more ambitious on EVs, bring forward conventional vehicle phase-out

Committee on Climate Change (CCC) chair Lord Deben has this week urged the government to be more ambitious on electric vehicles as a matter of urgency and, crucially, bring forward the proposed...

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How Your Battery Will Sell Energy to Your Neighbor’s Car

The system for behind-the-meter device-to-device transactions is due out in a year.

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When Will We Have Electric Cars with Solar Panels?

Electric vehicles have been in the news quite a bit lately – and we’re not just talking about a certain CEO who may soon be a fugitive from justice, tweeting out manifestos from an undisclosed...

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Electric Cars Drive Us To A Solar Future

The Rise of Electric Cars

When I ordered my first electric car, a Renault ZOE, in May 2012 it seemed like a step into the great unknown. I started the My Renault ZOE website that summer so owners...

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Fuel Included Join a Radio Discussion on Home Energy and Electric Cars  with JoJu Solar and RelaxBack UK

I was delighted to be invited by Mike Dilke of Relaxback UK to join him in a radio discussion together with Chris Jardine, the Technical Director at JoJu Solar.

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Tesla’s mad growth in energy storage

In the first two quarters of 2018 Tesla deployed 40% more energy storage than all of 2017, with 300-400% growth expected for 2019. Solar power deployments grew 11% to 84 MW over a low Q1 value.

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Electric vehicle and stationary storage batteries begin to diverge as performance priorities evolve

Separate markets could evolve as EVs push for batteries with higher density and stationary storage seeks higher cycling capability

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