Vulnerable at-home patients to get Tesla Powerwalls

The Vermont Lower Income Trust for Electricity have provided a $150,000 grant for 100 low-income electricity customers with significant need for reliable backup power due to health and mobility...

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First battery storage site supplies electricity to National Grid Balancing Mechanism

Anesco’s Breach Farm has today become the first battery storage system to supply electricity from renewables sources to the UK National Grid Balancing Mechanism

The Balancing Mechanism (BM) is one...

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Majority of UK public want to install solar panels, poll finds

More than 70% would make homes more energy efficient given government support

More than half of the British public would install solar panels and home batteries to tackle climate change if there...

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Projects under construction in first half of 2018 almost equal China’s total capacity so far

Energy storage projects were under construction across four provinces of China, amounting to 340.5MW of new capacity during the first half of this year in the country, according to the China...

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Storage key to clean energy mix, Energy Storage Association says

In a recent blog post, Energy Storage Association (ESA) Vice President of Policy Jason Burwen argued that storage resources can help create a cleaner overall energy mix.

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