Former National Grid boss Steve Holliday: Britain is undergoing a chaotic energy revolution

Former National Grid boss Steve Holliday has championed the role that businesses and innovators have played in igniting a "chaotic revolution" in the energy sector, by accelerating demand for...

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How Battery Energy Storage Changes the Game

We are in the midst of a massive shift in how energy is both produced and consumed.

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A new Tesla ‘shared Powerbank’ launches as a community alternative to individual Powerwalls

The Tesla Powerwall can be a useful energy storage solution for homeowners with rooftop solar arrays.

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Tesla's 'historic' quarter included gains in storage, solar

Dive Brief:

Tesla is on track to triple its 2018 energy storage deployments the company said in its third quarter letter to investors.The company's "historic" quarterly results included a 70%...

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Pricing for PowerBanx SX Home Battery System

Last week we were excited to announce the launch of our new PowerBanx SX home battery system. We now have some clarity on what the systems will cost, though the pricing here is subject to final...

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How to add storage to an existing solar array

Adding storage to an existing solar array is not always an easy, plug-and-play process.

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Is Your Residential Solar Panel Installation Battery Storage Ready?

If you are installing a solar panel system and want the option of battery storage in the future, it is helpful to plan accordingly.

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New Product Announcement: PowerBanx SX Home Battery System

It is with great pleasure and not a little excitement that we are able to announce a new range of home battery systems to be known as PowerBanx SX. It will be available from November and be...

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Tesla Hikes Powerwall Prices to Better Reflect ‘Value’

The global price adjustment comes as Tesla struggles to keep up with Powerwall demand.

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Grid trading and off-peak incentives to spark ‘huge growth’ for residential storage in 2019

The rise of grid trading and off-peak tariffs, rather than the closure of the feed-in tariff and potentially the export tariff, will see the domestic storage market experience “huge growth” over...

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