Adding Another Battery to a PowerBanx Home Storage System

[We have the pleasure to publish here an article from one of our customers, Peter Cittern, describing how he expanded his PowerBanx home storage system:

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UK removes ‘key barrier’ to installation of household battery storage

The government regulator for gas and electricity markets in the United Kingdom has released updated guidance clearing up the confusion surrounding the installation of storage at households...

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Ofgem update clarifies deemed export tariff and storage confusion

An updated technical guide to co-locating renewables and battery storage has clarified previously conflicting guidance on the matter, removing barriers and potentially unlocking the “tremendous...

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The value proposition of energy storage without solar

It’s no surprise that within the solar community energy storage is most often discussed in the context of solar+storage. But what about the potential for energy storage where there is no PV system?

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Tesla Powerwall & Sono Motors solar car pricing up due to energy storage demand

Strong demand for electric cars from both Tesla and other manufacturers has pushed up manufacturer costs for lithium ion batteries.

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Common battery types used in solar+storage

Incorporating energy storage into a solar array is not as easy as just picking a battery off the shelf.

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The Best Laid Plans meet Exceptional Demand

It's easy to get in a rhythm when providing Solar and Battery services to end customers.

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