Setting Economy 7 Times on Your Powerbanx Home Battery Storage System

I recently described how a PowerBanx home battery system saves you money: you charge it on a combination of free solar and half-price Economy 7 electricity then use it to run your home when you...

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9 out of 10 doctors recommend residential solar+storage

GTM Research projects that residential batteries and other energy storage systems will be coupled with solar in 9 of 10 storage deployments by 2023. Additionally, the firm projects that...

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Utility rates driving record demand for home energy storage systems

Installations of home energy storage system in the U.S. hit a record high in the first quarter of 2018, according to a new industry report. The new capacity of 36 megawatt-hours will sustain an...

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How Does a Home Battery System Work?

This is a quick introduction to how a home battery system works (or at least, more accurately, how does it save you money). It is based on the operation of our PowerBanx home battery, but the...

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Home Energy Storage System Installations Hit Record High

US home energy storage systems installations hit a record high in the first quarter of 2018. 36 megawatt-hours of grid-connected home energy storage systems were installed during this period,...

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Home storage sales rocket

Australia’s energy and environment minister has hailed the country’s accelerating residential energy storage sales as a report has emerged from Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel which says the...

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Solar Storage Systems Have Finally Hit The Mainstream

Amid a rush of global offerings, solar storage systems are now commonplace and much improved, writes Melissa HancockThere was no shortage of innovative products and services vying for attention at...

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Extra Slimline Battery Enclosure

PowerBanx batteries can be mounted in computer enclosures providing a neat, adaptable and upgradable system at low cost.

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How your home could generate, store and sell energy

As we move towards renewables in our efforts to decarbonise our economies, energy storage is becoming increasingly important. Could householders become an integral part of national electricity...

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Residential Energy Storage: The Other Shoe

There are a number of reasons to expect residential storage will continue to break records in 2018.

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