Tesla Powerwall 2 battery prices jump, as production focuses on Model 3 EV

Tesla is no doubt throwing all its efforts at ramping up production of its electric vehicles sales, particularly the Model 3, as it seeks to allay concerns about production, and stop the drain in...

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How Your Battery Will Sell Energy to Your Neighbor’s Car

The system for behind-the-meter device-to-device transactions is due out in a year.

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Study Shows Strong Growth for Behind the Meter Energy Storage

Storage equipment market is expected to hit $4.6 billion and 3.9 GW in annual new deployments by 2023.

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‘Staying alive’: How solar-plus-storage, VPPs and new building standards can drive UK solar

Solar-plus-storage installs and virtual power plant roll-outs are providing a route to market for installers even in the absence of feed-in tariffs.That is the verdict of ex-Tesla and Trina Solar...

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Grenades, Swiss Army Knives and Bacon: Storage is a high-impact disruptor

When Solar Power International (SPI) opens its doors in Anaheim on Sept. 23, thousands of the industry executives and professionals flooding in will be there for a different event — Energy Storage...

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Battery material shortage pushes developers to shift li-ion chemistries

Recent changes in the economics of the energy storage are causing a shift in the market for lithium-ion batteries, which could accentuate China’s position in the global energy storage market....

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Residential overtakes quarterly utility deployment in US for the first time

The US deployed 42% megawatts more energy storage in the second quarter of this year than in the first, with residential installations overtaking utility deployments for the first time.The latest...

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Electric Cars Drive Us To A Solar Future

The Rise of Electric Cars

When I ordered my first electric car, a Renault ZOE, in May 2012 it seemed like a step into the great unknown. I started the My Renault ZOE website that summer so owners...

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Residential Energy Storage Surging, No Longer Just a ‘Cool Toy’

Demand for residential energy-storage is surging in the U.S., with more capacity installed in the second quarter than in all of 2017.Consumers installed home batteries with 57.5 megawatt-hours of...

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As Storms Bear Down, More Homeowners Look to Batteries – Not Generators – for Backup Power

Homeowners across the U.S. are buying batteries to store excess solar energy faster than factories can make them.

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