First battery storage site supplies electricity to National Grid Balancing Mechanism

Anesco’s Breach Farm has today become the first battery storage system to supply electricity from renewables sources to the UK National Grid Balancing Mechanism

The Balancing Mechanism (BM) is one...

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Projects under construction in first half of 2018 almost equal China’s total capacity so far

Energy storage projects were under construction across four provinces of China, amounting to 340.5MW of new capacity during the first half of this year in the country, according to the China...

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Three-phase connections for all urges REA

All new housing developments should be fitted with three-phase electricity supply to update them from the single phase norm that has been in place since before World War II, according to a new...

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The 4 Main Applications for Battery Storage

There are three primary benefits of energy storage:

  • Access to lower priced electricity
  • Retention of surplus self generated electricity 
  • Emergency power supply

However, this can look many...

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What happens when the grid runs out?

Did you know you can go online and see the energy consumption for the whole of the UK in real-time?.

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