Beyond Bitcoin: how blockchains can empower communities to control their own energy supply

As the cost of solar panels, wind generation and battery storage falls, individual households and consumers are increasingly generating their own electricity, becoming less reliant on the power...

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Solar could be UK’s ‘dominant’ source of power by 2030

Solar PV could be the UK’s most significant power generation technology by as early as 2030, with 33GW of installed capacity, according to National Grid.Today’s Future Energy Scenarios release,...

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The year of large-scale storage: UK's new capacity to top 500MW in 2018

Halfway through 2018 and large-scale battery storage in the UK has reached over 450MW installed capacity, with around 250MW being completed this year alone. This is made up of projects bigger than...

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Grab the ‘golden opportunity’ to go green: UK urged to ditch nuclear in favour of renewables

The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has urged the government to take up the “golden opportunity” to go green and ditch its nuclear vision in favour of cheaper renewables.The...

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Home storage sales rocket

Australia’s energy and environment minister has hailed the country’s accelerating residential energy storage sales as a report has emerged from Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel which says the...

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What drove 2017’s record-breaking Storage deployment figures?

Clean energy news coverage often focuses on the successes and big strides taken forward by the industry in ‘record-breaking terms’: “world’s biggest battery,” “first hybrid to combine storage with...

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UK’s ‘largest’ battery storage facility completed

A battery storage facility claimed to be the largest in the UK has been completed.It has a total capacity of 49.9MW and is located at Stocking Pelham near the town of Bishop’s Stortford, according...

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What's New In Solar Energy Research In 2018?

Before I answer the main question, let me set the stage as a background to understand the trends. Solar energy is such a vast energy resource that it can be used for any of our everyday needs,...

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Each year, Bloomberg New Energy Finance peers far into the future to predict the trends that will shape energy markets in the years to come. Its New Energy Outlook 2018 report has just been...

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Europe’s battery storage market charged up by 49% in 2017

This followed a trend of steady growth since 2015 and brought the continent to a total storage capacity of 589MWh

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