Stationary storage will follow EVs in gaining public confidence

BYD has just opened a gigawatt-scale lithium battery factory in Qinghai Province, a few days after a senior company representative told that, like electric vehicles (EVs), it...

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Solar delivers more electricity than any other technology as heatwave continues

The UK’s solar output topped that of any other generation technology over the weekend as the UK’s heatwave continues the record-breaking trend of solar generation.

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Solar Electricity And Electric Cars Go Together Like Cheese And Wine

Solar energy and electric vehicles are such a great combination which means that you are using a clean source of energy, free of fossil fuels

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Industry poised for UK solar and storage recoil

The UK solar and storage markets are on the brink of overcoming a deployment roadblock, according to a number of vendors actively monitoring the territory.Deployment of solar has reportedly halved...

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UK home solar power faces cloudy outlook as subsidies are axed

Lower costs and battery technology offer hope – but industry says it needs support

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Climate watchdog raps government for missing decarbonisation plans

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has rebuked the government for failing to deliver a pipeline of decarbonisation policies across several sectors, stressing that the time for it to address...

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Solar Storage Systems Have Finally Hit The Mainstream

Amid a rush of global offerings, solar storage systems are now commonplace and much improved, writes Melissa HancockThere was no shortage of innovative products and services vying for attention at...

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Black to gold: The oil & gas majors plotting course for solar

An unavoidable transition towards cleaner power solutions is occurring. And as that transition accelerates, the companies that have historically dominated global energy markets through fossil fuel...

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Shell has Admitted Climate Change Could Affect the Company's Bottom Line

Shell has finally admitted climate change could dramatically impact the company’s bottom line — and soon.The company’s annual report 2018 acknowledges the impact of divestment campaign for the...

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How your home could generate, store and sell energy

As we move towards renewables in our efforts to decarbonise our economies, energy storage is becoming increasingly important. Could householders become an integral part of national electricity...

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