Renault reveals autonomous obstacle avoidance technology

(REPOST: AUTOCAR)Renault has revealed technology that enables self-driving cars to swerve to avoid obstacles in the road ahead - an industry first, the company claims. 

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bright idea How you can plug into a streetlight to charge your electric car

(REPOST: The Sun)Electric cars drivers can now plug into streetlights for extra juice.

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Tracking The Demise Of The Internal Combustion Engine

(REPOST: Inside EVs)Time is limited for the good ol’ internal combustion engine. With government officials and automakers encouraging propulsion alternatives, gas-powered engines may soon be just...

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Promoted: Renault Zoe – The Charge To Paris

(REPOST: AutoCar)The new Renault Zoe is an all-electric car with a no-compromise approach. With room inside for four and plenty of space for luggage, it’s as practical as any hatchback and has a...

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UK Interest In EVs Is Growing Fast, 41% Expect To Own One Over The Next 10 Years

(REPOST: Inside EVs)According to a nationwide survey conducted by Sainsbury’s Bank Loans, interest in electric vehicles throughout the UK is growing very quickly.

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2018 Nissan LEAF = Best of Innovation Winner at CES 2018

(REPOST: Clean Technica)Nissan LEAF owners love their LEAFs. I know through experience that this is true. How nice it is that due to the efforts of Nissan innovators, the 2018 Nissan LEAF is now...

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Those fuel-efficient diesels? Actually worse on lifetime CO2, study says

(REPOST: Green Car Reports)Diesel-powered cars have enjoyed a comfortable market share in Europe for decades, but their decline in popularity continues following numerous diesel-emission cheating...

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Paris Will Ban All Gas Cars By 2030, Diesel By 2024

(REPOST: InsideEVs)

Paris has committed to end all internal combustion engine-powered vehicle sales by 2030, the local authorities have revealed, in aim to become a carbon-neutral city by 2050....

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