Remote Puerto Rico Community Rebuilds with Microgrid “Like an IKEA Set”

Eight months on from the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the 3,160 inhabitants of Puerto Rico’s mountainous Mariana remain without grid power. Tired of waiting, community members recently took...

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British Pay-Go Solar Company Is Ready to Reach Millions in Congo

A British company aims to provide pay-as-you-go solar power to millions of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the vast central African nation where less than a fifth of the population...

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Siemens Backs Northvolt as Gigafactory Fever Takes Hold

Companies that need batteries are placing bets with the firms that make them.

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University of California gives electrons a one-way ticket

Scientists at the University of California, Riverside, have discovered a method for controlling electron transfer, and guiding electrons in one direction. Electron transfer is one of the most...

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Minister and MPs clash over ‘shambolic’ solar policy

Shadow business, energy and industrial strategy secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey has led an attack on the government’s existing renewables policy, labelling it “shambolic”.The MP for Salford and...

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Opposing onshore UK windfarms 'means higher energy bills'

Ministers told there is no logical argument against turbines in areas that want them

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Energy Reliability: Achieving Resiliency through Microgrids

Energy reliability and resiliency is top of mind for many companies as cybersecurity becomes more of an issue for utilities, and climate change brings with it an increased threat of natural...

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World first grid-scale liquid air energy storage project completed in northern England

The UK's energy storage sector took “a great step forward” after completing what is thought to be the world’s first grid-scale liquid air energy storage (LAES) plant at the Pilsworth landfill gas...

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5 Reasons Car Companies Are Betting Big on Energy Storage

An increasing number of major car manufacturers are developing solutions in a space that at first glance may seem like a strange choice: energy storage.BMW recently signed a contract that adds 500...

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