2018: A Tipping Point for Climate Change

Did the world wake up to climate change in 2018? Or are we falling deeper into ignorance about the environmental changes happening all around us?The increasingly severe effects of the rise in...

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The FT Editorial Board has a problem with those who pretend to solve climate change. Who might they have in mind?

“The depressing reality about climate change is that we could solve the problem, at manageable cost, but are failing to do so.”

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Can you go off-grid with solar power?

Living off-grid – that is, living independently of the main grid, big power companies and big power bills – can seem very appealing when you consider ever-increasing electricity costs.There are...

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How to add storage to an existing solar array

Adding storage to an existing solar array is not always an easy, plug-and-play process.

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Is Your Residential Solar Panel Installation Battery Storage Ready?

If you are installing a solar panel system and want the option of battery storage in the future, it is helpful to plan accordingly.

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Wider use of clean energy would reduce power outages during storms

In those moments when we were all experiencing “the calm before the storm,” we could not yet know the impact Hurricane Florence would have on our state, but we were certain it would be...

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Closure of the export tariff would be ‘almost theft’

The closure of the export tariff to new solar installations as proposed by government would be tantamount to theft, according to Genius Roofing Solutions which is exhibiting its flashing solution...

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Going off grid: The future of electricity generation?

As the National Grid continues to creak under increasing demands for electricity, Jason Yates of Riello UPS explores whether it’s time businesses go it alone and put their power generation needs...

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Grenades, Swiss Army Knives and Bacon: Storage is a high-impact disruptor

When Solar Power International (SPI) opens its doors in Anaheim on Sept. 23, thousands of the industry executives and professionals flooding in will be there for a different event — Energy Storage...

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When Will We Have Electric Cars with Solar Panels?

Electric vehicles have been in the news quite a bit lately – and we’re not just talking about a certain CEO who may soon be a fugitive from justice, tweeting out manifestos from an undisclosed...

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