Porsche CEO expects German automaker to only sell electric vehicles starting in 2030

Porsche has been making plug-in hybrids for a while now, but it has been resisting going fully electric for a long time.We have seen a shift from this since the development of the Mission E and...

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Porsche doubles EV investment as Polestar considers production expansion

(REPOST:Autovista Group)The company is pressing ahead with its Mission E concept vehicle, and will increase its expenditure on electromobility to €6 billion by 2022, up from its original €3...

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Porsche details its electric vehicle plans with belief that EU CO2 targets can be met

(REPOST: Autovista Group)Porsche is aiming to beat the European Union’s new CO2 rules with plans to ensure at least half its sales by 2025 come from electric vehicles (EVs).

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