Renewables posted record share of UK power in Q3 2018

Renewables provided almost one-third of the UK’s total power output in Q3 2018, a record high for that period of the year, boosted by the summer’s heatwave and high wind speeds.That performance...

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Washington, D.C. city council passes 100% renewables mandate

Washington, D.C. city council passed a landmark bill on Tuesday that will see the city mandate a need for all energy on its electric grid to be generated from renewable sources by 2032.As a result...

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US energy storage storm grows in strength

A Wood Mackenzie report shows U.S. energy storage deployments tripling in capacity during Q3 ’18 versus last year’s volume, while noting that the future pipeline growth rate doubled versus prior...

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An ‘evolution’ in renewable energy

GENERAL Electric (GE), the American multinational conglomerate, is close to completing the world’s first commercial wind project with integrated power storage.

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Arsenal announces installation of battery storage system at Emirates Stadium

  • Arsenal Football Club has installed a battery storage system at its London stadium.
  • The club uses clean electricity from a network of solar farms and anaerobic digestion plants.
  • Other sports...
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Want The Cheapest Electricity? Build Solar And Wind Farms, Not Coal Power Plants

  • falling technology costs have pushed the cost of the renewable energy sectors below coal and gas, even in China and India, where until recently, coal was king.
  • as electric vehicle manufacturing...
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'Substantial' pipeline of renewables could fill the gap left by Moorside collapse

Energy secretary Greg Clark has said the UK’s “substantial” pipeline of renewable energy projects could offer a replacement to the capacity lost by the scrapping of Toshiba’s plans for a new...

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Batteries will replace California gas plants as PG&E proposal approved

A proposal by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), one of California’s three main investor-owned utilities (IOUs) to deploy large-scale energy storage to replace peaking natural gas plants has been...

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Labour takes aim at 'environmentally reckless' policy as government defends renewables record

The UK government is being “environmentally reckless” and not acting on the “tremendous economic opportunities” offered by new generation technologies like tidal and floating wind turbines,...

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