Spring Statement: Energy sector gives Future Homes Standard lukewarm response

The green economy has responded to chancellor Philip Hammond’s Spring Statement in lukewarm fashion, with feedback flitting between ‘genuine steps forward’ and ‘fiddling… while the planet burns’....

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Renewables hit record high in 2018 as fossil fuels faltered

Renewable energy generation hit a record high in 2018, with gas, coal and nuclear all falling.New statistics released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) showed...

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Energy Storage Has A Breakout Year On Both Sides Of The Meter

2018 may have been the year of residential energy storage, according to a leading analyst, but grid storage was no slouch.2018 was also the year that grid-level batteries broke out of early...

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Plugging the hole: How can solar fill UK nuclear’s void?

The UK has had something of a rocky relationship with new nuclear in the past few years, but developments in January 2019 pushed it firmly into ‘it’s complicated’ territory, and sent the country...

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ScottishPower unveils £2 billion investment with battery storage, EVs in its crosshairs

ScottishPower has unveiled a £2 billion investment programme for 2019 to target large-scale battery storage and public EV charging points.The investment, the company’s largest in a single year,...

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Why investing in energy storage is business critical

For businesses operating complex supply chains and delivering vital services, maintaining a stable and dependable level of power is paramount when it comes to energy storage

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Renewables will be principal source of world power by 2040, BP says

Renewables will be the world’s principal source of power by 2040 and are penetrating world grids faster than any other energy source in history, O&G major BP has said.BP today published its...

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MCS to begin ‘next chapter’ as it completes relocation

The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) has relocated to Liverpool City Region as it bids to start the “next chapter” of its role within the country’s small-scale renewables sector.The MCS...

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The Green New Deal Just Speeds Up The Current Green Wave

The rollout of the Green New Deal will hit some roadblocks. But its overarching theme is that the nation should go totally green by 2030 to avert the irreversible effects of climate change. It’s...

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Fujitsu unveils blockchain-powered DSR tech

IT and tech giant Fujitsu has unveiled a blockchain-powered, demand side response technology designed to allow energy trading between energy consumers.The technology has been designed first and...

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