How Battery Storage Is Revolutionizing The Solar Industry

In recent years, solar-energy sectors across the world have started to unveil battery-storage products that will enable homes and businesses to generate renewable energy 24/7.

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Former National Grid boss Steve Holliday: Britain is undergoing a chaotic energy revolution

Former National Grid boss Steve Holliday has championed the role that businesses and innovators have played in igniting a "chaotic revolution" in the energy sector, by accelerating demand for...

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UK slides down EY’s renewables attractiveness index amidst Brexit concerns

The UK has slid down one place to eighth in EY’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) amidst Brexit uncertainty.The consultancy giant’s latest update, for Q3 2018, attributes a...

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UK reaches major decarbonisation ‘milestone’ as renewables capacity leapfrogs fossil fuels

The UK has reached a “major milestone” in its decarbonisation of the power sector, having witnessed renewables capacity exceed that of fossil fuel generation.The statistic has been reported by...

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UK rooftop solar at a crossroads; planning for life after tariffs

As the UK solar market waits for the hammer to fall on the government’s latest cuts to subsidies for small scale installations, namely whether or not some form of export tariff will be retained,...

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Meeting the UK’s climate change targets would need 50GW of solar

50GW of solar would be needed by 2050 if the government is to meet its climate change targets, helping to meet all of summer demand within a zero emission energy system, according to a new report....

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Renewables face increasingly level playing field

Adoption of green energy will only grow, as technology makes renewables increasingly cost competitiveOpponents of renewable energy—a broad church that can stretch from economists lamenting...

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‘A total myth’: Green policy costs not to blame for energy price hikes, says new report

Policy costs are not to blame for electricity price hikes in the UK, a study by the UK Energy Research Council has concluded.

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Mixing it up -- how wind and solar can work together

WORLDWIDE: As technology costs come down, combining wind, solar and energy storage looks like the way to integrate renewables at least cost.

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Clean energy is cheap, surging – and headed for a fall

Solar and wind projects are transforming Australia’s power grid, but unclear policies will slow new investments

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