Is this crazy? Home Energy Storage without Solar

Have you ever wondered about the case for Home Energy Storage? Well it keeps getting better. This video explains that it is good both with and without solar.

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OFGEM say we can have our battery storage cake and eat it

If you are considering adding battery storage to your existing FIT accredited solar PV system, this blog is for you.

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Electric car 'batteries on wheels' could help solve renewable energy's storage issue

(REPOST:IMECHE)Speaking to a small audience of slightly sleepy but engaged industry delegates and journalists at an Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week breakfast briefing, Dolf Gielen from the...

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Battery storage opportunities offer consistency for customers

(REPOST: GreenBiz)Battery energy storage is often hailed as a "holy grail" to unlock a renewable energy future. And battery costs are falling, bringing that vision closer to reality. In fact, it...

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Solar ‘fundamentals’ behind BP’s decision to reinvest

(REPOST: PV Tech)BP has announced that it is to pay US$200 million for a 43% stake in prolific UK solar developer Lightsource to establish a new partnership.

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‘Hybrid power plant’ enabled for 65% renewable energy island Graciosa

(REPOST: Energy Storage News)A “hybrid power plant”, controlling the grid for an entire island and its inhabitants, will be created with the addition of a management and control platform from...

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