Nissan Wants To Turn EVs Into Mobile Battery Packs, Introduces Leaf-Powered Home

The Nissan Leaf is the best selling electric vehicle ever, and the automaker is looking to make it even more useful by introducing new and convenient ways to utilize its battery packs to store and...

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Vattenfall to install maiden UK wind-powered EV chargers

Vattenfall is to install its maiden electric vehicle charging stations in the UK after clinching an agreement with contracting firm BMM Energy Solutions and South Norfolk Council.And those charge...

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Solar in a Day - Time Lapse Video

During a recent installation of a large off-grid capable solar and battery system, I took my camera along and recorded progress, as this video shows. The installed panels are LG 365W panels so...

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US energy storage storm grows in strength

A Wood Mackenzie report shows U.S. energy storage deployments tripling in capacity during Q3 ’18 versus last year’s volume, while noting that the future pipeline growth rate doubled versus prior...

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Solar campaigners create pop-up PV project at parliament

The campaign against plans to axe the export tariff progressed yesterday when protestors developed a solar farm outside the Houses of Parliament.MPs joined protestors to create a pop-up solar...

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How the Tesla big battery became the “heartbeat” of Australia’s main grid

Neoen Australia, the owner of the Tesla big battery, or what they prefer to call the Hornsdale Power Reserve, has celebrated its first year of operation with a detailed report of the services it...

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Climate change: Where we are in seven charts and what you can do to help

Representatives from nearly 200 countries are gathering in Poland for talks on climate change - aimed at breathing new life into the Paris Agreement.The UN has warned the 2015 Paris accord's goal...

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An ‘evolution’ in renewable energy

GENERAL Electric (GE), the American multinational conglomerate, is close to completing the world’s first commercial wind project with integrated power storage.

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Tesla Powerwall & Sono Motors solar car pricing up due to energy storage demand

Strong demand for electric cars from both Tesla and other manufacturers has pushed up manufacturer costs for lithium ion batteries.

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Climate change: CO2 emissions rising for first time in four years

Global efforts to tackle climate change are way off track says the UN, as it details the first rise in CO2 emissions in four years.The emissions gap report says that economic growth is responsible...

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