Green light for £7m vehicle-to-grid battery storage project

(REPOST: The Energyst)A consortium has secured £3m funding to see how electric vehicles can deliver demand-side response and battery storage. The aim is to work out whether EVs can help balance...

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From followers to leaders: The changing face of Europe’s energy storage market

(REPOST: Energy Storage News)The biggest market segment for electrical storage remains the utility-scale battery storage market (i.e. front-of-meter), accounting for 60% of total capacities...

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General Electric targets giant Midlands battery storage system

(REPOST: edie)Arenko has invested in the American firm’s 41MW battery energy storage system, and will use advanced control technologies to provide on-demand electricity equivalent to approximately...

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We are often asked how big a home battery should be to get the best value for money.

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The home battery that stores renewable energy

(REPOST: CNN)Though renewable energy is on the rise, a significant challenge has always been finding ways to store it on days when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow. In the small...

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Europe's 'largest' shared battery installed in Nottingham

(REPOST: BBCNews)The two-megawatt-hour battery is part of a renewable energy network in a 500-home development in the Trent Basin.

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£42m funding for energy storage research

(REPOST: NetworksOnline)The funding, which has been announced by the Faraday Institution, will see four UK-based consortia conduct application-inspired research aimed at overcoming battery...

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World Bank plans ‘Scaling Solar and Storage’ program

(REPOST: PV-Tech)The World Bank plans to make energy storage an integral part of its ‘Scaling Solar’ program, that until now has been focused purely on facilitating large-scale solar tendering,...

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China officially installed 52.83GW of solar modules in 2017

(REPOST: PV-Tech)According to China’s National Energy Administration (NEA), solar PV installations reached 52.83GW in 2017, up from 34.54GW in 2016, and accounting for around 50% of expected...

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