Residential Solar and Battery Storage

I just came across this video today. It's a commercial (by SolarEdge) but I think it does a pretty good job of explaining the benefits of having solar PV and battery storage.

Of course, having an...

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BNEF predicts 305GWh of energy storage worldwide by 2030

(REPOST: PV-Tech)The rise of energy storage will enjoy a similarly meteoric trajectory to that enjoyed by solar PV deployment in the past and could reach 305GWh of installations by 2030, BNEF has...

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The future of combining EV with PV

(REPOST:PV-Tech)The electrical vehicle (EV) market has been revving up around the world in the past few years. An increasing number of countries, such as the UK, are planning to move away from...

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Tesla makes good on ‘100 day’ battery promise, sells Boring hats

(REPOST:Energy Storage News)Amidst experiencing Model 3’s “production hell”, launching a semi truck, a new Roadster and a portable battery pack, Tesla’s work on a 129MWh energy storage system in...

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BESS targets UK storage assets with £50 million equity backing

(REPOST: Solar Power Portal)Today BESS revealed that it had raised the finance through a £50 million equity investment from a group of investors led by Tiger Infrastructure Partners, a New...

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To help local firms, India may deal another blow to its struggling solar sector

(REPOST: Quartz Media)The Narendra Modi government is expected to impose an anti-dumping duty (ADD) on imported solar panels in order to boost sales of locally made ones. This is bound to increase...

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Centrica wants to aggregate 100 household battery systems into UK ‘Local Energy Market’ trial

(REPOST: Energy Storage News)British-headquartered multinational utility Centrica will “most likely” install up to 100 residential energy storage batteries in selected homes in Cornwall in the...

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Eelpower commissions first 10MWh battery on path to ‘battery energy storage utility’

(REPOST: Clean Energy News)Eelpower has commissioned a 10MW battery storage project, backed with both frequency response and capacity market contracts, in the first of a new pipeline of projects...

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(REPOST: CityAM)The National Grid said this summer was the greenest ever, offshore wind became cheaper than new nuclear and the country’s first subsidy-free solar farm opened.

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Butterfly wings inspire solar cell efficiency

(REPOST: The Engineer)Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany have been working on improving the efficiency of thin-film solar cells, a technology which is promising for...

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