UK reaches major decarbonisation ‘milestone’ as renewables capacity leapfrogs fossil fuels

The UK has reached a “major milestone” in its decarbonisation of the power sector, having witnessed renewables capacity exceed that of fossil fuel generation.The statistic has been reported by...

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Renewables face increasingly level playing field

Adoption of green energy will only grow, as technology makes renewables increasingly cost competitiveOpponents of renewable energy—a broad church that can stretch from economists lamenting...

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Mixing it up -- how wind and solar can work together

WORLDWIDE: As technology costs come down, combining wind, solar and energy storage looks like the way to integrate renewables at least cost.

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Wind, solar and electric vehicles will dominate by 2035, study says

The world runs on oil and gas now, but it won't for long, according to a study by the research firm Wood Mackenzie that estimates a global shift from fossil fuels to renewables by 2035.By then,...

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Wider use of clean energy would reduce power outages during storms

In those moments when we were all experiencing “the calm before the storm,” we could not yet know the impact Hurricane Florence would have on our state, but we were certain it would be...

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Renewables records tumble as surging solar sends coal generation to new lows

New records for renewables generation were set in the UK throughout the second quarter of the year, with coal power also falling to historic lows.The latest Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES),...

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Strong winds blow GB on course for grid carbon intensity lows

Blowing wind conditions have sent Great Britain’s grid carbon intensity to stunning lows this week, with some regions of the country recording carbon intensities as low as 12g CO2/kWh.Storm Ali...

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World's largest offshore wind farm opens in Cumbria: £1bn project can power 600,000 homes

The world’s largest operational offshore wind farm is set to open today in Cumbria.Located 12 miles off Walney Island in Barrow in Furness, the Walney Extension has 87 turbines – each around twice...

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Carbon intensity falls below crucial 2030 target threshold on back of high winds

The  carbon intensity of the UK’s power grid fell below the targets set for 2030 over the bank holiday weekend, as high levels of wind generation led the way for low carbon sources to meet...
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