BMW i3 Information

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    From £461 / month (incl VAT)
    £1385 deposit
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    From £461 / month (incl VAT)
    £1385 deposit
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    From £461 / month (incl VAT)
    £1385 deposit
Fuel Included no longer supplies electric cars.

The BMW i3 is the most technically advanced and highest performance mainstream electric car. It is the only mass production car made with a carbon fibre frame (plus aluminium chassis and plastic body panels).


The i3 BEV is Pure Electric. 

It comes with satnav, climate control, electric windows, cruise control, Bluetooth, remote control of climate control and charging, 19″ alloy wheels, auto lights and wipers, and rear parking sensors.

The i3 REx is full Electric with a cunning Range Extender.

The i3 Rex has all the standard features plus the Range Extender; a small petrol generator that can fill up with 8 litres of petrol and generates enough electricity on one tank to extend the range by up to 90 miles.


Upgrade options for the i3 include park assist, parking camera and speed limiter.

You can also upgrade to an i3S in both BEV and REx, this model features a differentiated sporty exterior design, more power and acceleration for an enhanced e-driving experience.

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