Home Battery Storage Fully Installed from only £2,299 including VAT

(How Battery Storage will Save you Money even if you don't have Solar Panels)

So How Big a Battery do You Need?

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With FuelIncluded, you can rely on us keeping it simple and making sure the system is right for you.

We deliver and install all the parts you need to have a controllable, simple to use home battery storage system matched to your actual energy patterns.

With the energy monitoring app, all your energy is yours to see.

PylonTech US2000B

The PylonTech US2000B is a reliable, intelligent 2.4 kWh battery ideally suited to a modular home system.

The modular nature of this battery means that you can start with a simple single battery system and simply plug in additional batteries as required. The inverter will support up to 8 batteries (giving a maximum capacity of 19.2 kWh).

PylonTech US2000B Spec Sheet

Sofar ME3000sp

Sofar ME3000sp

The Sofar ME3000sp has an enviable reputation as a reliable, high function inverter at an affordable price. This work horse is the perfect choice and allows Economy 7 programming and will manage from 1 to 8 attached storage batteries.

The Sofar ME3000sp also allows Emergency Power Supply (EPS) if required.

Sofar ME3000SP Datasheet

Our skilled installers are fully qualified electricians with training in battery systems. 

This picture shows how your battery system is connected to allow you to get your Economy7 savings.

If you do have solar, the great news is that you can keep all your solar generated energy and still receive both your generation and deemed export tariffs from the FIT scheme.

This picture shows how the battery system can be connected without affecting your FIT tariff.

The generation meter must be a single meter located so that it only measures electricity generated by the accredited installation. If the generation meter is suitable, then the 50% deemed export is still valid (even if that energy goes into a battery).