How Solar Panels and Battery Storage Save you Money


There is an energy revolution taking place and there was never a better time to go green and save money.

Our vision is to make the process transparent, simple and affordable, so we promise no high power selling, no silly prices, and clear explanations of what is possible at every step along the way.

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So, why think about Solar and Battery?

Go Green

The sun provides the world every day with all the conceivable energy we need in a form that is safe and should last several billion years. Instead of burning fossil fuels to generate our electricity, with its dangerous impact on climate change, we can convert the sun directly into electricity using solar panels.

Solar panels give you energy which is free and clean at the point of use

Save Money

Not only do you save carbon, but you also get to save money. Plenty of money. Government grants currently pay you regular payments, guaranteed and index linked for 20 years. Add to that, the fact that each kWh that you generate and use yourself stops you needing to buy that electricity from the grid.

Solar panels generate money and save you money

Save Even More Money

Sometimes when the sun is shining, you are not at home to use your electricity, in which case you export it to the grid. This is still good for the environment, but you would prefer to store the electricity in a battery for use later in the evening.

With battery storage, you not only get paid to generate electricity, but you get to store it and use it when you want. In the winter, when there is less solar, you can also use economy 7 to fill your battery cheaply for use during peak hours.

A home battery stores your solar and charges from cheap time-of-day tariffs

A Mix of Solar and/or Battery can suit most people

Which type of energy user are you?

  • I want a battery storage system to use more of the solar I already generate
  • I want a solar and battery system to get the most energy from the sun and use it all
  • I just want a solar system as I’m home a lot and will use it as I make it
  • I just want battery storage to get benefit from cheap time-of-day tariffs

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Simply hit this button to get a free estimate. This is a best endeavours estimate of the optimum system for you based on satellite imagery and our proprietary energy optimising algorithms.

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If you want to know exact prices and performance, then book a site survey and get detailed information on your property's suitability for battery and solar, together with a fixed price quote. We will come to your home and check your electrical system, your roof (inside and out), property access, and survey for sun and shade to measure exactly how your system will operate. We charge a £100 fee for the survey which is fully refundable against the cost of your installed system.

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See how economy 7 and solar work together to save you money.


Get the PowerBanxTM Modular battery storage system

20180316-140348_Grey45cm-15U-MetalDoor_PowerBanx_FuelIncluded_NoBackgroundOur PowerBanx system allows you to scale up from 2.4 kWh to a whopping 19.6 kWh using the trusted and reliable Pylontech US200B plus battery cell (PylonTech US2000B Datasheet) and the popular SofarSolar a/c inverter (Sofar ME3000SP Datasheet).

Choose the size and colour of enclosure to suit you and add batteries as your needs change with time.





Monitor your battery and solar use with the Solarman app

20171221_BatteryStorage_App_SolarMAN_JTisdallWith FuelIncluded, you can rely on us keeping it simple and making sure the system is right for you.
We deliver and install all the parts you need to have a controllable, simple to use home battery storage system matched to your actual energy patterns.
With the SolarMAN energy monitoring app, all your energy is yours to see.


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Our skilled installers are fully qualified MCS accredited electricians with training in solar and battery systems.