Home Energy Storage - Installation Information Questionnaire

Please complete this form to tell us about your home and where you want your PowerBanx™ energy storage system to be installed. In this way we can make sure that the installation can proceed smoothly. Once we have that, we shall contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.

We have provided some information below that may help you.

Main Consumer Unit

Also referred to as the 'fuse box' this is the main power distribution panel for your property.

There should be sufficient space around it for wiring in the PowerBanx.

PowerStor 1 Battery

A single battery for the PowerBanx can be mounted against or on a wall.

Dimensions are 420mm high x 440mm wide x 90mm deep. Weight is 24kg.

PowerStar Dual Batteries

Two batteries for the PowerBanx can be clipped together and sat on the floor (or stood upright).

Dimensions are 220mm high x 460mm wide x 440mm deep. Weight is 49kg.

PowerStore Battery Enclosure 12U

Only 45cm deep, the pictured enclosure allows for an expandable PowerBanx system as it can contain from 2 to 6 batteries. It is straightforward to start with 2 batteries and just add additional batteries as desired.

For up to 8 batteries we can supply a slightly taller cabinet.

Dimensions are 78cm high x 60cm wide x 45cm deep. Weight is 25kg plus the number of batteries x 24kg.

Our skilled installers are fully qualified electricians with training in battery systems. 



  • The PowerBanx should not be located outside or exposed to extreme hot or cold
  • Let us know if there is difficult access to your consumer unit or PowerBanx locations
  • To access PowerBanx monitoring via your mobile phone you will need to provide Wi-Fi connectivity
  • If a location is in your loft then it needs to be boarded and have adequate lighting, and good means of access (e.g. a loft ladder). The flooring needs to be able to support the weight of the PowerBanx.